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Welcome to Kailash Hospital Dhanbad

The modern health care organization for your entire family. Kailash Hospital Dhanbad has a policy to provide quality healthcare services to all patients specially needy and low economical status patients.

General Female ward
State of the art fully modular operation theatres

With our state-of-the-art fully modular operation theatres, we are at the forefront of medical innovation, paving the way for the future of surgery. We continually strive to embrace advancements in technology and medical practices to deliver unmatched healthcare services to our patients.

Pharmacy Photo -1
24*7 Pharmacy

Our 24/7 pharmacy is more than just a dispensary of medications; it is a pillar of strength within the hospital, providing round-the-clock care, compassion, and convenience to all. With this facility in place, the hospital reaffirms its commitment to putting the well-being of its patients first, no matter the hour or the circumstance.

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GE Dexa Scan - A Window into Bone Health

Welcome to the world of modern medical imaging, where precision meets innovation. Behold the GE Dexa Scan, a cutting-edge diagnostic tool that illuminates the hidden secrets of bone health.

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Best Professionals

Our team of highly trained doctors, with countless hours of experience, is here to give you the best possible medical service

Complete Care

General physician covers a wide range of procedures. The goal of general physician is to cure all diseases of the patient

Modern Equipment

Whatever your plan is, our state of the art equipment makes it simple for our team to make it's a reality, just as you desire

Emergency Ready

Having a emergency can be a very traumatizing experience, that's why our medical staff is ready to help 24*7

Amazing doctors and advanced proven technology will keep your health feeling great!

We are passionate about health and having the latest technology is one step we can take to help save yours! Our doctors team refers to the most suitable treatments that based on patient’s current health condition, concerns, desired outcomes and budget.

Complete Health Services

Complete Health Services

Complete Health Services

Complete Health Services

Complete Health Services

Complete Health Services

Complete Health Services

for highest patient demands, tailored for each case


This department is specifically dedicated to treat and cure issues related to the musculoskeletal system. In this, we look into resolving diseases related to bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, nerves.

Joint Replacement

This division provides care for movement of a normal, healthy joint like hip and knee replacements, ankle, wrist, shoulder and elbow replacements. Our surgeons are highly qualified for the same.


This department is specifically dedicated to treat and cure issues related joint replacement. Surgeon examine and do treatment the damage of the interior part of a bone joint.

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

This segment is devoted to pregnancy process including preconception planning to pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum care. Thus, ensuring the safest pregnancy care.


This division evaluate, monitor, and supervise patient care before, during, and after surgery, delivering anesthesia, and ensuring optimal patient safet

Neonatology & Paediatric

Our peadiatrician take special care of the infants, children, adolescents, and young adults. They remove brain tumors, repair bone malformations, intestinal malformations

General Medicine

This team is trained to diagnose and treat problems like prevention, diagnosis and the non-surgical treatments of diseases that are related to the internal organs.


Our highly trained team here to give you the best treatment to restore movement and function when affected by injury or disability and reduce risk of injury in the future.

Our Achievements

Meet the Key Heads

Highly trained professionals ready to provide the best treatment, be gentle and give you a pleasant experience

DR. Kailash Prasad


Consultant Orthopaedics

DR. Ashish Bajaj

CEO & Medical director

Consultant Orthopaedics

DR. Neha Bajaj

Admin director

Consultant Gynaecologist

What to do in case of an emergency?

Sometimes, a patient can experience a situation of deep discomfort , that may indicate the need of immediate medical attention. For this reason, we always have a doctor on call, ready to address these emergencies. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you feel you are in an emergency situation!

Patient Testimonials

If you are our patient and want to give us your feedback or if you just want to say "Hi", please follow us and get in touch via the following platforms:

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