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    1. Orthopaedic care

    When joint pain and discomfort stop you from doing what you love, it’s time to see an orthopaedic doctor. Your pain may result from a sprain, strain, or ligament tear that needs immediate attention; the wear and tear associated with arthritis; or a related medical condition. Duke orthopaedic specialists use the full range of treatments to return you to the activities you enjoy.

    2. Obstetrics and gynaecological care

    The obstetricians/gynecologists at UW Health offer comprehensive health care across the female lifespan. Our clinic features state-of the art diagnostic facilities, and our staff offers expertise in general gynecologic health care, preconception counseling, as well as normal and high risk obstetrics. We also offer advanced techniques in diagnosing and treating the gynecologic conditions listed below. We use advanced techniques including laparoscopic surgery and gynecologic and obstetric ultrasound.

    3. Neonatal care

    Neonatal means ‘new born’. Neonatal units like ours specialise in the care of babies born early, with low weight or who have a medical condition that requires specialised treatment.
    Within the unit, there are four different levels of care:

    • Intensive care
    • High dependency care
    • Low dependency
    • Transitional care

    4. General Surgery

    As the title indicates, this is a wide-ranging area of surgery with many subspecialties. The defining feature of general surgeons is that they have a wide range of knowledge and skills to deal with all kinds of surgical emergencies, with an emphasis on acute abdominal problems. They also carry out a large number of elective operations.

    5. Physiotherapy

    With the advent of new technologies in the medical and physiotherapy field, physiotherapy has got a vast role to play in human lives. The daily ergonomic practice of a correct posture and good habits makes way for a healthy and smooth life. Unfortunately we seldom follow them in real; as a result of wrong postures, unhealthy habits and ill-fated accidents we get into trouble. Physiotherapy is a must for rehabilitation process for those conditions.

    6. Dialysis UNIT

    We have added another feather to our cap in the journey of success and patient care. With a view to provide the quality dialysis services, KAILASH HOSPITAL DHANBAD started the new dialysis unit. This Unit was possible by blessings of all our good wishers and our patron Emeritus Professor Dr. Kailash Prasad. Our Dialysis unit is Equipped with world class facilities and experienced professionals, the new centre offers best-in-class dialysis treatment at reasonable rates addressing the accessibility and affordability issue that had been adversely affecting the patients in the Dhanbad and adjoining region. Our cleanliness and hygiene’s is best in class with any dialysis centre in Dhanbad. Charges for each seating is comparably low in Dhanbad and best quality promised.



    Radiology/X-ray facility

    X-Ray Fugi Smart – f. Full room Digital Radiography. Trained staff. Latest technology Mobile Xray facility also available at any time of day

    Minor OT

    Provides services for minor surgical procedures. Also for infected cases.

    Intensive Care Unit

    4 beds with haemodynamic monitoring. Staffed by experienced ICU trained nursing people. The ICU specialises in post operative care for advanced surgical procedures.

    Operating Theatre Suite

    4 Operating Rooms, includes a designated gynaec theatre and two orthopaedic theatres.

    Day Surgery Unit

    5 bed recovery area accommodating a wide range of same day surgical procedures.


    The hospital has 2 state-of-the-art well equipped modular operation theatres with three stage air filtration and gas scavenging system to ensure patient safety. Both the Operation Theatres are fitted with best in class pendants, operating lights, anaesthesia work stations and advanced information management system.

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